Fetal Calf Serum

Iron supplemented Bovine Serum

Iron Supplemented Fetal-Calf Serum is a mixture of high quality FBS and calf serum, supplemented with additives to match or outperform FBS’ cell growth capabilities.

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500 ml


≤ -15 °C





Serum is the blood component obtained after the coagulation and removal of cellular components. Besides serum proteins, it contains growth factors, amino acids, and hormones, etc. This comprehensive mix makes serum one of the most important supplements for supporting cell growth and proliferation for in vitro cell culture. To meet the needs and requirements of numerous cell cultures, Capricorn Scientific has developed Fetal – Calf Serum, which is a cost-effective iron supplemented mixture of our high quality fetal bovine serum and calf serum. It is supplemented with additional additives and a proprietary iron complex that matches or outperforms FBS’ cell growth capabilities in a broad range of cell lines.

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