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Diagnovum is currently in the process of expanding its facility! We are adding over 1400 m² to our existing faciltiy. This expansion – including a novel, state-of-the-art clean room environment – will further our capabilities of producing high-quality, reliable cell culture products.


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Serum filtration

Serum is widely used in cell culture but is often entangled with scientific and ethical concerns. As a manufacturer, Diagnovum tries to eliminate these aspects as far as possible. To achieve this, we source all of our animal products from trustworthy and proven suppliers.

Another common problem of serum are batch variations. Here at Diagnovum, we produce ‘true pools’ – this means that all of your serum from one charge will be identical!

Our serum is filtered in a separate production area to completely avoid cross-contamination of products with or without animal origin. The filtration process takes place with a triple 0.1 µm sterile filter cascade and each batch is subject to stringent quality control.

Cell culture media

Cell culture media are used in all kinds of variations but whether you choose a classic like DMEM or a highly specified medium, you’ll want the integrity to be upheld. Therefore, our media production facility is strictly animal-free and controlled by appropriate measures.

We offer our products ranging from small volumes up to 1.000 liters, depending on your needs. The size of the bottle is your choice: a standard size of 500 mL bottles, or anything from small bottles (125 mL) to 50 L bags. Naturally, we offer customized filling solutions upon request. All media are produced using only highly purified and stringently tested water.

Powder production

When it comes to powder products, the quality of the used chemicals and the process of milling and blending is of utmost importance. A highly controlled process is necessary to maintain chemical composition and performance.

With all the above aspects in consideration, we have installed a small-scale powder mill and blender to provide fast response times for our Express Response Media Service. For larger scales, we work in close cooperation with our external partner and can produce up to 2000 kg per batch, offering you large-scale production capabilities at a biopharmaceutical level. The sourcing of raw materials, as well as manufacture is fully monitored and traceable.

Most recently, we are working on the expansion of our facility, which also includes a brand-new, state-of-the-art powder mill and blender for in-house, large-scale dry powder productions.

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