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Welcome to Diagnovum! We offer high-quality sera, media, and reagents for cell culture. Our highly qualified staff has expertise in various areas of cell culture and welcomes projects that solve the problems in your lab or production. With a broad range of products and customization services that are fast, flexible, and cost-effective, we offer a high value for our clients.

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We offer a wide selection of sera with various treatment options, meeting all the needs of your experiments. Each batch is tested for optimal performance in our rigorous quality control and comes with all important documentation.

Our portfolio of cell culture media covers everything from classic formulations to highly specialized products. Whether you are working with the tried and tested classics or in serum-free environments – we are happy to advise you in your decision.

At Diagnovum, we offer all kinds of high-quality cell culture reagents. Each supplement and additive is tested and comes with instructions for use. All components are directed to maximize performance in cell culture.

About Us

About Us

Diagnovum is a German manufacturer of cell culture products headquartered near Marburg and close to the international airport in Frankfurt. With our wide range of media, sera, and reagents, we offer reliable and cost-effective services to the Life Sciences all over the world.

Our company was founded in 2001 by a team of highly qualified experts with long-standing experience in cell culture. Our steadily growing business is directed to meet your needs and offer you a more personalized and transparent service.

To offer our services at a global level, we work closely with trusted and reliable distributors that further enhance your experience as a customer. Our partners aim to smoothly connect you with what we have to offer: high-quality and cost-effective cell culture solutions.

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