Complete Medium for Endothelial Cells

EndoGrow is a complete and ready-to-use medium for endothelial cells. It is used for the cultivation and expansion of primary cells and established cell lines.

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100 ml


≤ -15 °C





Endothelial Cell Culture Medium with pre-tested and selected high-quality FBS is verifiably beneficial for primary human endothelial cells. Endothelial cells cultured in our EndoGrow Medium retain primary cell characteristics over the entire course of the expansion. The higher proliferation rate of the endothelial cells growing in our EndoGrow Medium leads to a significantly higher cell yield. This allows for a great number of experiments to be carried out with the same batch of high-quality endothelial cells, thus reducing experimental lot-to-lot variations due to isolation effects and donor-to-donor variations.

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