MEM with Earle’s Salts

with Stable Glutamine

Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) is one of the most frequently used cell culture medium. It is suitable for a variety of adherent or suspension cell types.

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500 ml


+2 °C to +8 °C





Liquid media provide basic nutrients for all cell culture applications. Each of our high-quality cell culture media is manufactured according to the originally published formula or modifications essential to the consistent performance and stability of the culture medium. MEM or Minimum Essential Medium was originally developed by Harry Eagle and from there modified in several ways (e.g. alpha modification) to suit many cell culture applications. It is used for cultivation of numerous suspension and adherent cells, including HeLa, BHK-21, 293, HEP-2, HT-1080, MCF-7, fibroblasts, and primary rat astrocytes.

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